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How to order

Jerusalem Pearls encourages all customers to place their orders through the website. This is the most efficient method to place an order.


On-line Orders

Retail on-line orders require few steps:

Step 1:

Brows and review our items. 

No membership registration needed – don't have membership mechanism, we don't want to force our customers to do any other process but enjoying order via

Step 2:

Add items to your cart, you may add as many items you wish to the cart by clicking the Add to Cart button for all the items you want to purchase.

Step 3:

Checkout - once you have selected all the items you want to purchase click on the Checkout button that placed at the bottom of the cart preview.

Step 4:

Choose how to pay - Review your order and set the quantity for each item.

This page calculates the shipping amount for the order, so you need to select the shipping destination and method – the shipping fee will be calculated automatically.

Neither shipping nor billing information required we will receive this information from PayPal.

After you set the above required information you can select how to by pressing one of the tow buttons in the bottom of the screen.

We use PayPal to receive payments from our customers so you can pay both ways:

  1. With your PayPal account if you have one
  2. With a credit card – We accept retainers, deposits and invoice payments online through PayPal where your Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discovercard are accepted.

Step 5

PayPal – if you use your PayPal account or credit card you must approve the payment.  If you use your Credit card you must enter valid credit card information. Then you will be transfer to website for final review of your order.

Step 6

Review again the order and press the Pay button. This step is necessary for you to verify the shipping address sent to us by PayPal. 

Step 7

Confirmation - after you click the pay button the final order confirmation page will appear. This will have your total and your Order Number. You should also receive an email confirmation in your in-box. Take note of the order number in case you need to correspond with regarding the order.


Wholesale On-line Orders

Wholesale customers are required to contact us via wholesale form.  Payments for wholesale customers will be by using PayPal invoice service.

Jerusalem's Pearls Logo

Jerusalem Pearls
Jerusalem Blvrd 20, Tel Aviv

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