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About Jerusalem Pearls


Jerusalem Pearls Logo

Jerusalem Pearls was born to deliver high quality products from the holy land to stores and wholesalers in Israel and all over the world. At the beginning of 2012 we decided to sell our products internationally via our website.  Because our ability to sell massive amounts of products we can afford ourselves to sell best quality products in the same prices we sell it to wholesalers.


We see the Holy Land as blessing heralds for the world, this gives us the motivation to invest our greatest efforts to supplying best quality for our customers crom all over the world in the cheapest prices in the Middle East.  


Each product has been carefully chosen and blessed in the holy land.


We supply fair trade and honest business relationship with our customers, both retailers and wholesalers.  Our costumers all over the world know that we always available for any question or matter and happy to help.



Jerusalem Pearls

Jerusalem Blvrd 20, Tel Aviv






Jerusalem's Pearls Logo

Jerusalem Pearls
Jerusalem Blvrd 20, Tel Aviv

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